How to Fix a Broken Service

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A broken window is annoying. At least it's repair should be easy, fast and delightful. We teamed up with Carglass to reinvent their booking service. We defined product scope, designed and developed prototypes and did extensive user testing. All together in an agile scrum team.

What we did Reinvent the booking service & build a new corporate site
My Role Design Lead (UX & UI) Digital Brand Design
Year 2018

Carglass User Flow


For the self service validated UX was key. We went through several iterations of prototypes. In each step we tested our assumptions in lab tests with our target audiences. Then we reworked user flows, improved wording and design. Until we got it right.

Carglass Stage

Design Idea

For the corporate site we followed the idea that Carglass is always close. That's why we heavily rely on location based services. Regarding imagery we chose to shoot close ups of customer service and clients.

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One more thing

When TNS Kantar checked the sites brand fit in 2017 it had the best score of all of Carglass' touchpoints at that time. Which made us especially proud. Unfortunately Carglass chose to implement a new branding shortly after.

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