A Single Source of Truth

KNF Stage


In the past KNF's digital services had grown like sprawl: Lots of touchpoints, lots of differing product data, lots of people involved and no clear purpose.

What we did Product Information Data Base & Corporate Site
My Role Digital StrategyDesign Lead (UX & UI)
Year 2020

KNF Overview


We held stakeholder workshops with participants from all over the world to get everyone aligned on a mission: To build a single source of truth for their product data and to give the company a "face" to the outside world.


We built a product information system and a shop-alike digital touchpoint for internal and external usage. To spread KNFs excitement for technology and empower their employer branding we built a corporate site.

KNF Overview Product

One more thing

Next up is a tool to facilitate collaboration. We want to enable service and customer to work together in an online platform for product development.

KNF Co-Creation-Tool

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