Putting the Museums on the Map

Museen Dresden Stage


Finding the museums was difficult. They lacked visibility both in the city and in the web. Once found there was no sense of belonging. Visually the museums looked separated. Finding interesting exhibitions was even more difficult. It was a maze.

What we did Develop a new Branding and a Museum Hub
My Role Design Lead (UX & UI)Digital Brand Design
Year 2020

Museen Dresden Overview


We reviewed the existing brandings and started developing a new brand architecture. Simultaneously we developed personas and took a deep dive into the visitor journey to identify sweet spots.

Museen Dresden Girl


We developed a new brand architecture (house of houses), a logo system and a layout pattern derived from the museums floor plans. We literally put the museums on the map. This reflects in the information architecture. The museums are nested into each other; just like a matryoshka.

Museen Dresden Calendar

One more thing

Exhibitions are most valuable if visitors can relate. That's why we try to personalize the web services as good as possible: from newsletter, to shop to "subjective" search terms (i.E. Are you the adventurous type?). In my opinion museums can learn a lot from e-commerce in the future.

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